Warehousing & Logistics

Fire prevention solutions from First Advanced are popular in the warehouse and logistics industries where the risk of fire is high, and the damage caused by water and other extinguishing agents can be catastrophic.


First Advanced provides fire protection concepts that are innovative for warehouses and logistics centres. The system ensures operational safety, helps protect people, processes, and utilizes a fire protection system that reduces oxygen concentration levels within a previously defined protected area, preventing fires from spreading or developing.


Warehouses & Logistics: The Importance of Fire Protection: –


· Personal Safety

· Environmental Safety

· Ensure uninterrupted delivery of goods by protecting operating processes

· Providing protection for investments in goods, technology, and buildings


First Advanced takes fire suppression and security seriously, which is why we invest in research and development to innovate some of the most advanced security and fire suppression technology available on the market for both commercial and residential use. Utilizing the latest production methods and technology, we manufacture a variety of firefighting equipment in our dedicated manufacturing facility. We will always be there to ensure warehouse and logistics fire safety.

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