Telecom & Data Centers

We examine buildings in an I&T environment, paying close attention to where key equipment is located, where people are situated and what they do, the air-conditioning flow and cable routes, as well as where there are windows, doors, and stairways. Our system is then designed to meet or exceed relevant standards to provide effective protection. 


To deliver the best risk/cost balance for your business, we combine traditional and advanced technologies. Our advanced systems can often be integrated into older facilities. Moreover, you can gain greater confidence in your fire safety systems while lowering your protection costs. 


First Advanced are specialists at installing fire detection and suppression systems and our project teams are capable of handling projects of any size. Our team has developed safe ways to work around sensitive equipment in some cases where you cannot interrupt your IT setup. 


Reach out to us to mitigate and protect your facility with the best firefighting plans and equipment.  

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